What you have missed on social media!

Find out where I am on social media and what I've been posting lately.

Pentatonix live!

Read my review of Pentatonix live in Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam

"Run Girl" available on Spotify!

My new song "Run Girl" is available for you to stream on Spotify now.

Create your own music to "Love On The Dancefloor"

Get creative on my acapella of a song called "Love On The Dancefloor"! Create you own music and share your ideas.

The artist and music fan

Find out all about me as a songwriter, artist and music fan.

The jewelry designer

My handmade jewelry is now available from it's first point of sale and is being exhibited in November 2015!

The rest

Find out more about who I am and what I do with my time.
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