My first attempt at doing my own make up

Most of the time my photo shoots are planned out and somewhat thought through, but recently one photo shoot was immediately arranged after I had been playing around painting my face.

Preview collaboration with US rapper Kasual VM

We've been working on a song with the working title “Gotta Feel Your Love Tonight”. Listen to my little bit here

Concert reviews

Have you already discovered that I started writing concert and show reviews recently? Go check them out.

The Artist

Read all about Nora's music side, what's happened since she started and what's happening next!

The goodies

Get the music and the merchandise that Nora's designed especially for you. Also get music by others, suggested by Nora.

The business

Nora currently manages her own career and is also a general manager for the music production company Beat The Odds. Get in touch with her in order to talk business.
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